New Book Tells Story of Southern California Steelhead


Against the Currents: The Unlikely Story of the Southern California Steelhead

Author: John G. Tomlinson, Jr.

Published by Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA


Journey to the past and look to the future of one of Southern California’s most interesting fish.  Traveling along our local rivers and streams, the Southern California steelhead has been part of the fabric of Southern California culture for more than a century. These ghosts from the past were once so prolific they were the prize of the movers and shakers of early Los Angeles, sparking a subculture of anglers, fishing clubs, and mountain retreats.  As Los Angeles grew, so did the barriers for the survival of this iconic fish. But despite seemingly insurmountable odds, this now endangered fish still lives on in Southern California waterways.  This is the Aquarium’s first book, published in conjunction with the opening of an exhibit showcasing this fish species with the aim of educating the public about steelhead, its history, and the process rainbow trout undergo to leave their freshwater habitat and migrate to the ocean and become steelhead.

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