Sportsman Channel Travels Down Under in Search of Rusa Deer on “Petersen’s Hunting Adventures” on Sunday, May 11


Brittany Boddington, co-host of Petersen’s Hunting Adventures, gears up for her first-ever bowhunting adventure in Australia, where her prey, a rusa deer, awaits. The deer are plentiful but, with little bowhunting experience, Boddington must decide if she is up for the challenge. Discover if Boddington can arrow a rusa deer on this week’s episode of Petersen’s Hunting Adventures exclusively on Sportsman Channel, Sunday, May 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Boddington begins her first bowhunt in the Australian Outback with excitement and uncertainty. When a less-than-ideal outcome results from hunting in a tree stand and from behind a blind, Boddington begins stalking the deer on foot instead.

The hunt continues and, after Boddington has an opportunity to get a few rounds of practice shooting in, her confidence rises. A rusa deer is in sight, and her persistence could pay off, if she successfully closes the distance.

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