This Week on Gun Guy Radio – Guns of Hollywood Podcast Pilot


On Episode 118 of Gun Guy Radio Jake Challand introduces a new show and its host on the Firearms Radio Network.  The Guns of Hollywood will be hosted by Allie Howe.  Allie is a firearm history buff and screenwriter, which is the perfect combination of expertise for this new show.  Guns of Hollywood will not be a movie review podcast because many of the films that Allie will discuss on the show were released many years ago.  Each week will involve a discussion of the guns that are used in a variety of genres of movies. Allie will interview both those individuals in the movie industry and the gun industry about their favorite movies and their favorite guns in those movies.  According to Allie, “The guns are like character actors.  They add a feel to the film and have a presence…. For a lot of us movies may not have started our interest in guns but they fueled it.”

On this pilot episode of Guns of Hollywood, Allie leads us through a discussion of the cult classic from 1981 Escape From New York.  In the movie, Kurt Russell is tasked with rescuing the President from Manhattan, which had been turned into a giant prison.  While the plot may seem far-fetched, there were some exciting guns in the movie including a MAC-10 and a scoped Smith & Wesson Model 67.  Jake and Allie discuss these along with other firearms and even crossbows in this pilot episode of the show.

Upcoming episodes of Guns of Hollywood will feature The Wild Bunch, The Walking Dead, Die Hard and Saving Private Ryan.

This week Paul Levy puts the Brownell’s Product Spotlight on a Kyntech hydraulic buffer tube for both AR-15 and AR-10 applications.  The Kyntech tube uses a standard recoil spring and comes in carbine and rifle lengths for both guns and also comes in a “shorty” version for AR-15 length buffer tubes on .308 AR platforms. The all stainless steel construction allows for both reduced recoil and improved reliability on many guns.

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