Wisconsin Turkey Hunters Urged to Report Feral Pig Sightings


State wildlife officials are encouraging turkey hunters to keep an eye out for feral pigs – hunters can report feral pig sightings and harvest on the Department of Natural Resources Web site at dnr.wi.govkeywordFeral Pigs”.

Feral pigs can be found across a wide variety of habitats and are highly destructive because of the rooting they do in search of food. They’re also efficient predators, preying on many species including white-tailed deer fawns and ground-nesting birds like grouse, woodcock, turkeys, and songbirds.

State officials request that anyone shooting a feral pig call a DNR Service Center or contact a DNR wildlife biologist so that blood and tissue samples can be collected for disease testing.  Wildlife management personnel contact information can be found at dnr.wi.govkeyword “Staff Directory”. 

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