New Gun Digest Title Gets Reloaders Started the Right Way


Take the guesswork out of reloading ammunition by checking out the newest release from Gun Digest Books, Handbook of Reloading Basics, which is now available online at and in stores this month.

Handbook of Reloading Basics is a must-have whether you’re a hobbyist, serious shooter or just want to save money on ammunition by creating your own. Part One covers rifle and pistol ammunition reloading and Part Two covers shotshell reloading. Novices can get started on their journey to handloading by following this guide to identifying and purchasing the basic tools needed and learning the importance of safely handling powders, primers and lead shot.

The book then takes readers through advice on single stage and progressive reloading processes, methods for handloading straight-walled and metallic cases, shotshell reloading, and caring for metallic cases and shotshells. By book’s end, everyone from competitive marksmen to self-defense practitioners and hobby shooters will recognize the benefits of reloading.

Get in on the benefits of creating your own ammunition by picking up Handbook of Reloading Basics at,, Barnes & Noble or other major booksellers.

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