$50,000 BBQ Pits and the Ultimate Survival Vehicle Featured on Sportsman Channel’s “Amazing America with Sarah Palin”


Fire up the grill for this week’s episode of Amazing America with Sarah Palin because field host Benny Spies gets in the shop with a barbeque pit-making veteran, whose ‘No BBQ pit request is off-limits’ philosophy catapulted his Texas BBQ pit-making business to the top. And later, field host Mark Christopher Lawrence goes for one wild ride –shotgun – in Jim DeLozier’s armored Survivor Truck, a vehicle built to withstand the Armageddon. Amazing America with Sarah Palin airs exclusively on Sportsman Channel, Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

If you can dream it, BBQ Pits by Klose can build it. The 35-year veteran takes traditional barbecue pit-making standards and turns them upside down. Take that WWII torpedo you’ve been storing in your garage for years, or drive up in a fire truck, and Klose’s team will have them transformed into working barbecue pits in no time. Klose proves BBQ pits can be made out of just about anything – oddly including a 100-year-old baby carriage.

“These guys get requests to build BBQ pits out of the craziest stuff,” said Spies. “But they’re not well-known for just anything – the more interesting the request, the more innovative – and excited – these guys get.”

What do you call DeLozier’s truck turned mobile safe room? Survivor Truck. Fitted with nuclear and chemical filtration systems, stocked with weapons and ammo, holding 3,000 miles worth of fuel and the ability to support four people for a solid year, Survivor Truck is the ultimate survival vehicle. Field host Mark Christopher Lawrence better hold on tight as he discovers just what this mobile safe room is capable of doing – and protecting.

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