This Week on Gun Guy Radio – Concealed Carry Holster Mashup


If you’re a gun guy then you need a good holster. Even if  you do not carry at all times a holster is an indispensable  On Episode 119 of Gun Guy Radio, two innovative but different holster designers join Jake to discuss their philosophy on holster making and concealed carry. First, Shawn Nabywaniec of Sentry Gunleather in Tampa Bay, Florida talks with Jake about the evolution of his company from primarily a manufacturer of leather holsters to inside the waistband Kydex holsters.  Although Shawn concedes that leather has an element of “soul”, the Kydex holsters provide predictability and convenience that cannot be matched in any other material.  Sentry has approached the construction of holsters with a more organic viewpoint.  Every gun will have two balance points and a natural ride height.  Sentry’s approach is to make sure that every holster is constructed in such a way that allows the gun to sit in the holster at its most natural orientation.  While Sentry constructs both inside and outside the waistband, the company focus is on IWB holsters, particularly appendix carry holsters, and magazine carriers.

Tyler Ely from Stealth Gear USA talks about waistband holsters
Tyler Ely from Stealth Gear USA talks about waistband holsters

Second, Tyler Ely from Stealth Gear USA in American Fork, Utah joins Jake to discuss the innovative inside the waistband holsters.  These hybrid holsters are made from Kydex and Stealth Gear’s proprietary VentCore backing.  The synthetic, padded VentCore backing takes the place of leather and provides a breathable and comfortable alternative to the more traditional IWB dual clip holsters. Although leather is a workable, durable material, it will get dirty and it is not breathable.  The Stealth Gear holster, which is meant to be worn between 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock, is both cooler and lighter than the corresponding leather holsters.  Stealth Gear will be debuting an appendix carry holster and magazine holders in the near future.

This week’s Product Spotlight is on the Thordsen Customs AR-15 FRS-15 Stock Kits.  These stock kits are designed to allow those who live in more restrictive jurisdictions to use a detachable magazine because the Thordsen stock does not have a standard AR-15 pistol grip.  The Thordsen stock kit puts a more traditional style stock onto the rifle attaching onto the lower receiver at the same place as the pistol grip.  There is a cover for the buffer tube, several QD sockets, a sling point and a high quality recoil pad.  Brownell’s carriers the Thordsen Customs FRS-15 in two versions, one with and one without the QD sockets.

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