PLANO Bucks Anti-Spinnerbait Movement with Common Sense Storage


If you read today’s fishing magazines, you’d think the spinnerbait was dead. Yet, while everybody’s throwing swim jigs in lieu of the old standby, blades are looking pretty new again to conditioned fish. Just ask KVD. He still carries dozens for running and gunning, burning over and through cover and commanding big aggression strikes.

And if bass anglers across the country were honest, they’d tell you the same thing: spinnerbaits rock.

But storing them and other baits sporting treble hooks – crankbaits, chatterbaits and the like? Not so much.

Truth be known, the ubiquitous A-rig was actually inspired by a neglected chandelier of spinnerbaits found in the bottom of a flea market tackle box.

Sure, binders are an option but they’re a pain to access in the heat of the moment and also have a tendency to fatigue wire frames. And while most hard boxes designed for spinnerbait storage succeed at simple consolidation, they can’t vent moisture, resulting in rust and skirt damage.

Addressing these issues and more—Plano introduces the 3505 Hydro-Flo Hanging Bait StowAway, a storage solution that’s 100% easy access and common sense. For starters, you won’t find any fancy gadgetry for orienting heads, hooks and blade arms; instead, baits are easily placed and retrieved from generously spaced grooves that prevent baits from tangling. Plus, wire blade arms are kept in proper shape so that bait’s guaranteed to fish like it’s supposed to. And you’ll have plenty to choose from—the 3505 features three adjustable bait racks that will hold a maximum 72 baits at full occupancy! Group baits together by color, blade type, size or weight for easy visual assessments.

Originally concepted to manage spinnerbaits, the Hydro-Flo Hanging Bait StowAway effectively houses and keeps untangled casting and trolling spoons, chatterbaits, crankbaits, buzzbaits, in-line spinners and bucktails.

And now, for the first time ever in hanging bait organization history, Hydro-Flo™ ports allow wet baits to dry naturally, virtually eliminating rust and extending the life of synthetic skirt materials. That means no discovering at the worst possible moment—like when a school of bass bust bait off the bow—that your favorite bait is a lifeless heap of mangled, stuck-together rubber.

At roughly 10 inches wide by 8 inches deep and 6 inches high, the 3505’s footprint will store in larger boxes and bags, as well as nestling into various boat compartments. Plus, when it’s time to boogie with your collection of bug-out bag baits, a swivel carry handle makes transport easy. All that and construction that promises set-it-and-forget-it, like secure Plano’s renown Pro-Latch closure that promises your baits are tucked in and tidy … no chandeliers at the bottom of the box.

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