Bed Wood and Parts Announces Partnership with Buck Commander


Bed Wood and Parts, LLC, the No. 1 source of show quality, custom manufactured wooden truck bed parts and accessories announced today that their BedWood brand premium EZ Tailgate Butcher Block and EZ ATV Butcher Block lines have retained license with the Buck Commander franchise.

The special laser engraved Buck Commander edition of the patent pending EZ series of butcher blocks turns the flat tailgate surface of a Pickup, SUV, Crossover, and the flat surfaces on an ATV and RV into a food safe game, fowl, or fish preparation surface for the hunter and fisherman or a food preparation surface for the tailgater or camper. Made from hickory wood in Kentucky, U.S.A., the butcher block protects the vehicle and the cutlery from damage and cleans up easily when the work is done. The large perimeter groove keeps liquids trapped on the board and off the vehicle during use. The EZ Butcher Block line is conveniently sized to fit your tailgate, outdoor adventure machine or recreational vehicle.

“Bed Wood and Parts is extremely proud to partner with Buck Commander to create a special Buck Commander series of product which promotes families and friends gathered around the tailgate of their vehicle and engaged in outdoor activities in the tradition of the Robertson family said Jeff Major, CEO.  Both companies are founded on their faith, family values, and our heritage as Americans, so the partnership is a natural progression for both.”

Willie Robertson, CEO of Buck Commander, adds, “Folks who watch Buck Commander and even Duck Dynasty probably know that I’m always looking for products that add ease and efficiency when hunting, and this EZ Butcher Block is a great addition to the Buck Commander family of products.”

The co-branded butcher blocks will be distributed through all Bed Wood channels as well as through Buck Commander outlets. Promotional displays and sales materials will be available to assist retailers in successfully merchandising this must-have product line.

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