This Week on Gun Guy Radio – Tim Schmidt of USCCA and Concealed Carry Magazine


There are so many elements of being properly prepared to defend to yourself or others with a firearm: obtaining the permit, selecting your weapon, regular training and understanding the law are the most obvious.  But what have you missed?  Tim Schmidt of the United States Concealed Carry Association visits with Jake Challand on Episode 120 of Gun Guy Radio.  USCCA began as just a magazine – Concealed Carry. But after just two years Tim expanded his operation into the USCCA.  The magazine is now eleven years old and has hundreds of authors, editors and contributors.  The organization has over 65,000 members and there are over 110,000 subscribers to Concealed Carry.  Of course, there are several gun and gear reviews in every print and online edition of Concealed Carry.

The USCCA has four goals for each of its members: educate, train, equip and insure. USCCA has the second largest training organization behind the NRA with over one thousand certified instructors. All USCCA trainers are also NRA certified trainers.

Finally, USCCA provides the Self Defense Shield for all of its members.  Depending on the level of your membership you will have the protection of an insurance plan that provides you with funds to pay attorneys fees and judgments if you are the subject of either civil or criminal litigation as a result of a self defense shooting.  Tim says that the USCCA’s overarching principle “is to be the largest and fastest growing entity that provides liability insurance protection to responsibly armed Americans. That’s the way we offer the most value to our members.”  Download, tune in or subscribe to Episode 120 of Gun Guy Radio to hear about this exciting organization that not only advocates for the second amendment but trains and protects its members in the responsible use of firearms for self defense.

The Brownell’s product spotlight moves away from AR-15 accessories to the venerable 1911.  The Present Arms Armorers Plate is made of high quality and dense polymer that will not dent, flex or bounce when used while working on your 1911 pistol. The machined plate can also be mounted directly to your workbench. It has slots for the barrel, the frame, and the slide as well as a large tray to keep pins and springs when the pistol is disassembled.  For the 1911 aficionado, an armorer’s plate is a necessity and the Present Arms Armorers Plate is one of the best.

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