Wayne Pearson’s Ultimate Outdoors Set to Debut 27th Season on Pursuit Channel


Wayne Pearson’s Ultimate Outdoors, the longest continually running show in outdoor television, is moving to Pursuit Channel as it celebrates the 27th season of hunting and fishing adventures. Produced by W.P. Productions, viewers can catch the first action-packed episode on Thursday, June 26 at 11:00 p.m. EST.

“When you’ve been in outdoor television as long as I have, it’s not an easy decision to move your show,” said host and executive producer, Wayne Pearson. “I’ve built my companies on a cornerstone that adapts to new technology and new ideas, while pushing our creativity and innovation to the limit. We’re seeing that Pursuit Channel is embracing those same characteristics in television broadcast this year. Everyone here is looking forward to the opportunity to deliver a premium show and continue moving forward in outdoor television as Pursuit Channel does the same.”

Celebrating 35 years in outdoor television, and the 27th consecutive season of Wayne Pearson’s Ultimate Outdoors, this is one season that’s sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys the pursuit of trophy game and fish. This season features a unique format, to not only include Pearson’s latest whitetail, elk and turkey treks, but it also takes a look back at epic adventures from years past, including tarpon, trout, turkey, waterfowl and wingshooting.

Along with the Pursuit Channel launch, Ultimate Outdoors has also launched their own online television network, powered by ESE Networks. Featuring full episodes of on-demand content, live broadcasting big game hunting and fishing trips, as well as news and gear reviews, www.uoutdoors.tv has hours of sensational entertainment for outdoor enthusiasts. When you visit the network, be sure to check out “The Vault,” where greats like Dale Earnhardt Sr., John Elway, and Fred Bear guest star during those early days in the field that made Wayne Pearson the legend he is today.

“Our television network, driven through the internet, was several years in the making,” said Pearson. “We’ve beta tested and implemented it in education first, giving schools the opportunity to generate revenue while live broadcasting football, baseball, soccer, graduations and more. It was only a matter of time before the outdoor industry embraced this technology. We have to admit that while we’re excited about joining the Pursuit Channel team of producers, we’re equally excited about providing quality Ultimate Outdoors content that our viewers can watch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Whether it’s the search for that big game trophy or the sound of drag peeling off a reel after the big one hits the lure, we’ve got you covered on Ultimate Outdoors. Each week we take you on new, action packed adventures that encompass everything about enjoying the Great Outdoors. Join us as we set up in duck heaven, call in the gobblers, reel in the monsters, and tag out on big game wall hangers. Catch all the action from seasons past, live hunting, fishing and the latest news and gear reviews at http://www.uoutdoors.tv

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