Student of the Gun University Announces New Dates for 2014 Beyond the Band-Aid: Fighting First Aid


You don’t need to be a police officer to use a firearm to save a life. Similarly, you don’t need to be an EMT to stopgap a life-threatening injury and keep someone alive until the ambulance arrives.

If you are a gun owner, concealed carry permit holder or armed professional, you’ve probably spent countless hours on the shooting range practicing to take a life if forced into that situation.   How much time have you spent learning and practicing to save a life?

You are many times more likely to be involved in a traumatic injury situation than a deadly force encounter requiring a gun. Even if you win your gunfight you or someone you care about may still be severely injured. Good guys can and do bleed.

Beyond the Band-Aid: Fighting First Aid

Student of the Gun University has recently added new dates to their training schedule. Two Beyond the Band-Aid courses will be offered in 2014 as well as other classes.

If you are mature and intelligent enough to use a firearm to save your life, you are certainly capable of learning how to save a life during a traumatic injury situation.  The Beyond the Band-Aid course teaches students how to recognize life-threatening injuries and stopgap that injury to stabilize the victim.

A full service course, students will not only receive the knowledge and skill, they will leave with the gear in hand to address just such situations. Each graduate will take home the Pocket Life Saver 2.0 traumatic injury kit.

For more information and to secure your seat today, please go directly to the Training Courses page. Seats are limited for each class, reserve yours today.

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