Truly THE Fish Trap for a serious ice angler, or one who fishes in the most challenging conditions, the new X2 Pro Thermal is the total package. With an increased full thermal shell, boasting a whopping 1800-total-Denier fabric with Clam’s Thermal Trap Technology™, this two-person flip up trap has insulation between the two layers of fabric for additional comfort— staying warm with reduced condensation. Sturdy for towing with an ATV or sled, this pro-level shelter is for the big water market and for those who fish under extreme conditions and still demand performance and comfort. Durability is key for the Fish Trap X2 Pro Thermal, and the hardworking tub is also smart, boasting a gray interior extruded top, making it easier to locate tackle and gear while inside. The extreme 1 ¼” pole system with Rapid Pole Slide Extreme (RPSX) provides incredible roominess and ceiling height, with 76” center height and a set up size of 90” x 73” and a fishable area of 24 square feet. A hefty 150 pounds, this robust shelter shows its quality through and through, and is ready to ride in whatever tow conditions await.

Two SKUs make this shelter available as ready-to-assemble with a MSRP of $1049.99, and pre-built MSRP of $1249.99. Never before has a sled been offered completely ready to go and pre-assembled at retail. A serious trap for a serious ice angler, this X2 Pro Thermal sets the standards higher than ever before. A three year warranty backs up the craftsmanship and attention to every detail.

The hammock, perfectly placed under two deluxe swivel seats that move front-to-back and left-to-right, is ideal for storing lots of gear. The padded seats are completely removable. An emergency tool kit and large cargo net, travel cover and runner kit are included, as is the Clam light stick and a battery bracket ready for your own battery to light up your world while ice fishing during the long nights and short days up north.

“Anybody who’s making distance runs on a regular basis, the X2 Pro Thermal is the shelter to use. Now with a beefed up full thermal skin, it will cut down on the propane bills, too,” said Jason Hamilton of Jason Hamilton Outdoors in Winnipeg. Hamilton guides over 60 days a season; add scouting and just-for-fun fishing days and he’s easily out more than 100 days in total. He’s pushing 250-30 miles each day. “There’s no other option for me. Lake Winnipeg is one of the toughest places on gear. It is like dragging your shelter over concrete waves; others just break. Not this one.”

The Runner Thermal shelter
The Runner Thermal shelter

Sometimes the big and tall guys get a little short-changed in the shelter business, but no more. The Runner Thermal is an extra large, one-person flip-n-go Fish Trap. It provide extra room for anglers who like to stand to work a fish, or those who need a little extra room for the longer rods, as well as the big-and-tall anglers among us. With a ton of space for the auger in the base, the larger sled gives more space to maneuver and stow gear. The swivel seat slides front-to-back and the extra large hammock underneath is perfect for longer rods and wide enough for plenty of gear. With a center height of 74” and a fishable area of 15 square feet, the Runner Thermal boasts two layers of 300-Denier classic blue Clam full Thermal fabric. The corner console can be mounted to the left or right side for easy access for either left- or right-dominant anglers. Set up size is 122” x 37” and with the travel cover (included) weighs in at 77 pounds. MSRP on the Runner Thermal is $499.99.

“I’m a believer in the longer rods and lighter line,” said Hamilton. “Put a propane heater inside another one-man shelter and it practically becomes a ballet act to get out. I’m 6’5” and 270 lbs., I should not be doing anything close to ballet. Big guys like me need the extra room in this Runner Thermal.”

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