Designed to mimic an injured baitfish breaking the water’s surface, the new WilliamsonPopper Pro features a cupped face and a versatile, pencil-style body perfectly suited for popping on top with both slash-and-stall and walk-the-dog retrieves.

“The Popper Pro replicates the sounds that a frantic, injured baitfish makes as it kicks its way across the surface,” says George Poveromo, host of “George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing” TV show. “That commotion can be just the ticket to call fish up from the deep, or in from a distance, and trigger them to strike.”

Poveromo ties on a Popper Pro when fishing both inshore and offshore. “That chugger is so universal it can be used for Snook and Tarpon as well as Dolphinfish (Mahi-Mahi), Tuna and Cobia,” he says.

Precisely weighted for maximum casting distance, the Popper Pro features heavy-duty in-line VMC hooks for optimum swimming action, point exposure and hook sets. It’s available in seven color patterns: Ayu, Black Purple Phantom, Bruised Purple, Blue Sardine, Dorado, Green Mackerel and Red Head Flash.

The Popper Pro is available in two sturdy sizes, both built to withstand prolonged assault from aggressive pelagic gamefish. The smaller version is 5.125 inches long, weighs 1.25 ounces and features rugged stainless steel through-wire construction. The larger bait is 7 inches long, weighs 3.375 ounces and features stainless steel pin-and-swivel rigging.

Born on the rugged south coast of Africa, Williamson makes lures for those who thrive on the challenge of finding and conquering the world’s largest fish. Hard-won knowledge and a sincere passion for offshore angling assure that there’s a Williamson lure to fill every spot in any saltwater spread.

Call them to the top with the unique pop of the new Williamson Popper Pro.

Suggested retail price: $12.99-14.99

Image courtesy Williamson Lures

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