Today, the Western Energy Alliance announced a series of ads that use false analogies and baseless fear-mongering in order to obstruct and delay the hard work folks in the American West are already doing in order to conserve the Greater sage-grouse.

These new oil and gas lobby-funded advertisements attempt to distract westerners from the hard work that is already being done to balance conservation with energy development, coming just a few weeks after a PEW poll showed that a “solid majority” in the American West supports strengthening those efforts.

“This is nothing more than a further effort to distract folks from the hard work that’s currently going on,” said Western Values Project Executive Director Ross Lane. “Stakeholders across the West, including farmers, ranchers, industry, conservation groups and sportsmen, are already working to balance energy development with conservation efforts that benefit iconic wildlife, landscapes and economies. It’s time Western Energy Alliance got on board.”

While the Western Energy Alliance and its oil lobby backers cook up paid “studies” and false analogies to distract and delay conservation efforts, farmers, ranchers, industry officials, sportsmen and conservation groups are already doing the heavy lifting needed to balance energy development with conservation efforts that support our recreation economy and the western way of life. The work being done in Wyoming, in particular, has commanded the respect of industry, scientists, conservationists, and sportsmen alike.

Ross Lane
Executive Director, Western Values Project

Image courtesy Western Values Project

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