Shooting shotguns, Rimfire rifles and Centerfire handguns Doug Koenig, Jerry Miculek and Michael Plaxo represent Team Smith & Wesson at the Sportsman’s Team Challenge in Marble Falls, Texas. The yearly competition is a multi-discipline shooting event with an emphasis on family-friendly participation and readily available affordable equipment.

The match is a two or three person team event, shooting rifle, pistol and shotgun at colorful reactive targets. As a digital countdown timer alerts competitors to their time left remaining, spectator’s adrenaline rise as they cheer for their favorite team to complete the course of fire.

There are six events, but three involve reactive steel targets that are engaged with .22 rimfire rifles, .22 rimfire pistols and centerfire pistols called the Rifle, Pistol and Combo events.

The other three events, the Flurry, Flush and Mixed Bag use aerial clay targets. The Flurry and Flush require teams to engage fifty targets in approximately one minute, while the Mixed Bag is similar to a five-stand course. The shooter does not know which trap machine will release a clay target upon their call, which adds to the fun factor and excitement level experienced.

Koenig said, “The secrets out, more and more families are participating at Sportsman’s Team Challenge events held throughout the country and I’m happy to see interest grow. It’s fun, affordable and most folks already have the basic firearms needed to shoot with the Pro’s.”

Doug Koenig’s Championship Season returned to the Pursuit Channel July 2, 2014 for its third year. Each week, Doug delivers hunting and shooting tips whether he’s stalking big game, a fair chase hunting adventure or preparing to compete at a world class level match. Doug’s success and dedication to the shooting sports is captured along with his passion as an avid hunter. Come along to share the excitement with your entire family to ensure your day afield is memorable. To learn more about Doug’s career, visit

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