So hot last year it took the industry by storm, the Ice Auger Conversion Kit from Clam was a huge industry success, and completely changed the way people thought of drilling holes. While not a new item this year, a few subtle tweaks have made the use-your-own-18-volt-cordless-drill product even better this next season.

A quick reminder on the concept. Industrial ball bearings absorb the load from the auger, allowing the power to come from any high-torque, 18-volt lithium battery-powered drill that most folks already have in the garage. New this year, rubber-dipped handles and trigger make for a better grip and touch point, easier handling and overall comfort in use. Longer, upright brackets accommodate more drill types, even some older and larger drills. The kit creates an auger that is affordable, lightweight and portable, and weighs in at a mere 14 pounds, providing the ultimate in maneuverability and ease when drilling a lot of holes.

“It was nice! I used the conversion kit the entire season last year, with an extension for late-season ice,” said Dave Genz, the Godfather of ice fishing. “At my age, the 14-pounds made drilling holes a lot easier. The changes to the handles and the bracket just means that more people can do this just as easily, fitting more drills and making the handles more comfortable.”

The Drill Plate is Model #9497 and sells with an MSRP of $69.99. The Drill Plate works with most current 18-volt, 1/2” chuck, cordless drills and includes all the hardware to mount your drill. With the auger bit, Model #9498 (suggested retail on the 6-inch tempered steel blade is $79.99); together the complete combination is Model #9578 with a MSRP of $169.99.

The standard auger is most popular in the parts of the country where ice is less than 24 inches thick, however, an extension is also available (Model #9561 with MSRP of $14.99) for thicker ice conditions.

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