Mission Imporkable: This week Jim and Trav welcome an elite squad of feral hog experts to dish the skinny on management, trapping, and hunting. Joining them will be Chris Brackett from Fear No Evil Presented by Mossy Oak, Rod Pinkston of Jager Pro Hog Control Systems, Red Arrow’s Kip Campbell and finally Hog Commander’s Chad Kelly.

Chris Brackett

Chris Brackett is the host of Fear No Evil on Oudoor Channel and a passionate pig hunter.  Chris joins Jim and Trav this week to discuss hunting feral hogs, why he likes to hunt with a bow, how and why you need to choose a broadhead that creates a large enough wound channel when hunting feral swine, the advantage of using lumenoks and much more!

Kip Campbell

Kip Campbell is the host of Red Arrow on Outdoor Channel, and his co-host is Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band. While Kip hunts with all forms of weaponry he’ll explain why he likes the challenge of hunting hogs with a bow. He’ll also talk about a new challenge that he and Zac Brown are embarking on.  Together they are working to design custom throwing hatchets to hunt hogs with.

Jager Pro Hog Control

Rod Pinkston is the CEO of Jager Pro Hog Control Systems.  Rod and his team of former soldiers are combating the feral hog problem with a high tech trapping system controlled by a human via a live feed and remote control. Their success is built on trapping during ideal seasons when crops are gone so that baiting can be more effective. Tune in for more!

Hog Commander

Chad Kelly with Hog Commander has taken old steel leg traps and modified them to be act as a trigger to deliver a spring loaded catch cable up the leg of feral hogs. The steel jaw trap itself just falls to the ground letting the cable do all the work. This innovative trap is non-lethal so animals trapped by mistake can be released. Find out more this week!

Image courtesy The Revolution

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