Improving the performance, functionality or durability of existing weapon accessories and tactical equipment can take years-at least, for some companies. But FAB Defense continues to launch an impressive number of newly refined products every few months.

Since its inception, FAB Defense has been leading in the development and manufacture of the highest quality, cutting-edge tactical equipment and weapon accessories for Israel’s military and police forces. FAB’s R&D department works in close collaboration with Special Forces and SWAT teams worldwide to design creative, ability-enhancing, no-nonsense solutions to the ongoing dynamic challenges met in the field.

Now, the FAB Defense equipment line has expanded to over 125 different products with multiple color variations for each, totaling several hundred options for the shooting enthusiast. In a typical year, they introduce 10-15 new products, while other accessory companies produce only a fraction of that. Their line currently includes pistol grips, fore grips, KPOS PDW pistol-to-rifle conversion kits, buttstock systems, magazines and magazine accessories, light mounts, optic mounts, slings and sling mounts, batons, self-defense products and grenade launcher accessories.

By employing a team of highly trained R&D specialists, FAB is able to produce upgraded accessories and equipment quickly while maintaining high standards and quality control. Their mission is simple: improve existing equipment and accessories, identify and eliminate defects and create more choices for the end user.

FAB’s superior ergonomics, functionality and durability reflect decades of design experience through continuous improvement and successive generations of weapon accessories. To guarantee quality, every FAB product is rigorously tested in the harshest environments and under extreme conditions by some of the best tactical units in the world.

The end result is a wide selection of battle-proven, been-to-hell-and-back, real-world combat equipment, providing consumers with a broad choice of accessories to suit their style, weapon, defensive mission, sporting purpose and budget.

Mako is the exclusive USA distributor for FAB Defense tactical equipment and weapon accessories (

Customers are invited to contact Mako at 631 880-3396 ext. 310 for immediate assistance.

Image courtesy FAB Defense

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