With a $100,000 pledge, the archery and bowhunting industry has made its support of the National Deer Alliance (NDA) resoundingly clear. The Archery Trade Association’s (ATA) donation is certain to push the NDA in the right direction.

“We are very grateful for the ATA’s contribution,” stated Craig Dougherty, Executive Director of the NDA. “Start-up funds are very important to a new organization like ours.”

The ATA’s CEO/President Jay McAninch made the pledge at the Quality Deer Management Association’s (QDMA) convention in Athens, Ga. During the convention’s general session, McAninch sized up both the need for an alliance of this kind and its critical tie to the industry.

“The need for a national umbrella deer organization that binds us all together, provides strength in numbers, and gives us the clout to make sure the rest of the world listens, understands and protects the deer resource is long overdue,” said McAninch. “For us, this group is critical. If there was ever an industry that’s built on deer, it’s ours.”

While deer are the most commonly pursued and economically important big game animal in North America, less than one percent of deer hunters belong to a national conservation organization dedicated to the protection of deer and our deer hunting heritage (see the chart on the right). This lack of unity pre­vents a strong, centralized voice to address current and emerging threats such as hunter access, disease, predators, and declining deer populations.

The NDA is dedicated to uniting deer hunters, managers and enthusiasts like never before and harnessing this power to achieve positive outcomes for deer and deer hunting. NDA’s goal is to serve as the unified voice of the modern deer hunter and guardian of North America’s wild deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage. The organization will be “cyber driven” and focus on delivering (and receiving) up to date deer information in real time. It is being referred to as a “next generation” conservation organization for the modern deer hunter.

“Decisions are being made about deer and deer hunting every day,” Dougherty stated.  Through NDA, we will make sure deer hunters have a seat at the table and are actively involved in the development of future policies, strategies and solutions.”

ATA’s pledge was made possible through commitments from each company on its Board of Directors:

  • Archery Headquarters
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Bohning Company, LTD
  • BOWTECH Archery
  • Cabela’s
  • Easton Technical Products
  • Gateway Feathers
  • Headhunter Bowstrings
  • Jay’s Sporting Goods
  • Lancaster Archery Supply
  • Midwest Cimmarron Archery
  • Mike Wieck Sales Inc.
  • Plano Synergy
  • Precision Shooting Equipment, Inc.
  • Primos Hunting Calls
  • Robinson Outdoors
  • T.R.U. Ball Release Products

Membership in the NDA is free and includes a comprehensive weekly e-newsletter on all things deer including: deer behavior, biology, hunting techniques and breakthroughs as well as issues impacting deer and deer hunting in North America.  For more information, or to join the thousands of other hunters who are committed to preserving our deer hunting heritage, visit www.nationaldeeralliance.com.


Glenn Walker
Vice President
Providence Marketing Group

Logo courtesy National Deer Alliance

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