When your soft baits make panfish bite and hold on tight, you want them in as many shapes and sizes as possible to match the hatch. Say hello to our new little friends — three new Trigger X baits and two new sizes of proven favorites.

New shapes for 2015 are the Trigger X Wingding, Boot Tail Minnow and Curl Tail Minnow. And, both the Trigger X Nymph and Flap Tail Grub are now available in new 2-inch models.

Like all Trigger X baits, these new offerings rely on the proven A.C.T. formula for success — Action, Color and Taste. Those three elements consistently trigger fish to bite, both in open water and through the ice.

Each new shape and size is available in 12 color patterns: Bubblegum, Black, Black Chartreuse, Black Pearl, Blue Pearl, Bloodred, Glow, Natural (brown), Orange Chartreuse, Pink Glow, Pearl White and Red Pearl. Ultra Glow plastics will glow for as many as 15 minutes on a full charge.

Trigger X Boot Tail Minnow
Trigger X Boot Tail Minnow


Featuring a solid-core Trigger X soft body, wing-like appendages give the Wingding stability and a unique gliding action on the fall. Tentacles in the tail section pulse and swim for additional fish-enticing action.

Wingdings are 1-1/2 inches long and come in packs of eight.

Boot Tail Minnow

Designed with a long, micro-thin mid-section terminating in its signature boot-shaped tail paddle, the Trigger X Boot Tail Minnow swims with a light and subtle vibrating action. Boot Tail Minnows are 1-1/2 inches long. They’re available in packs of 10.

Trigger X Curl Tail Minnow
Trigger X Curl Tail Minnow

Curl Tail Minnow

The Trigger X Curl Tail Minnow features a long, micro-thin curly tail, which swims with a delicate, twirling vibration. The Curl Tail Minnow has a 1-1/2 inch long body and comes 10 per pack.

Flap Tail Grub

Now available in a 2-inch size, the uniquely designed Trigger X Flap Tail Grub will “slap” fish into action with the flapping of its thin-profile beaver-style tail. Fished as is — right out of the pack — the Flap Tail Grub resembles a swimming leech as it moves through the water. Split the tail section to mimic the action of a wounded minnow.

In addition to the new 2-inch model, Flap Tail Grubs are available in a 1-inch size. They come in packs of eight.


The Trigger X Nymph, now available in a 2-inch size, resembles the small aquatic insects that gamefish feed on year-round. A tubular body makes rigging it a breeze, while lifelike appendages flicker and flutter, enticing even wary fish to nab it.

“The Nymph works really well as a primary panfish presentation and a finesse walleye offering,” says VMC pro-staffer Joel Nelson, a regular on the “In-Depth Outdoors” TV show on Fox Sports North.

In addition to the new two-inch model, Nymphs are available in a one-inch size and are sold in packs of eight.

Suggested retail price: $2.99

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Images courtesy Trigger X

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