Beta traveled in full force to the Snow Shoe Enduro in Grand Junction, Colorado with Cody Webb, Max Gerston, Justin Sode, and Axel Pearson. Beta USA’s top finishing rider was Cody Webb who raced his first National Enduro. Webb successfully finished 7th overall and placed as high as fifth in the tests throughout the day.

“I had a blast at the National Enduro. I went in with the goal of a top 10 and achieved it with a 7th. The dust made it tough to come through the riders in the rows ahead of me and I was pleased with how I rode all day. I rode my best in the sixth and final test, but unfortunately there was an oddly marked “wrong way” sign so I turned around to make sure I was going the right direction, which of course I was and just should have kept it pinned. Besides that one mistake, the race was awesome and my team was on it with regards to making sure we were set to go and everything was prepped. I want to make a return next year and try a few more NEPG and see where I stack up at the east coast rounds.”

Not far behind was Max Gerston who tied for 9th overall, but placed 10th on the day. Gerston comments on his enduro experience saying, “I had tons of fun at the National Enduro. It has been years since I rode one and it felt good to get back to my roots of off-road racing. My Beta 300 RR ran absolutely perfect and was the perfect bike for the job.” Despite losing his brakes in one test, Gerston bounced back to conquer a top ten finish.

National Enduro regular, Justin Sode, faced a much tougher day adapting to the vastly different terrain of the West. Coming from the East Coast, the terrain and riding style suited for going fast out west was drastic. Sode reflects, “The Colorado terrain was difficult for me to get used to. We arrived a few days early to get used to the elevation. My team kept my Beta 300 RR in mint condition during the whole race! Rocky terrain with lots of dust caused me to be on more of the cautious side. Now we’re heading back east to where I’m comfortable with the terrain.”

Other notable Beta riders were Axel Pearson, Eric Rhoten, and Keith Novello. Beta USA’s Max Gerston and Cody Webb will now make their journey to the Tennessee Knockout Enduro where they will tackle rocks, mother nature, and the technical terrain of Tennessee.

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