This week, Trevor Koenig returns to the Lone Star State to reunite with his teammates ‘The Eliminators’ in the Junior Division of the Sportsman’s Team Challenge and compete alongside his Dad in the two person event. Trevor shares how important working together as a team on the shooting line is and by identifying each other’s shooting skills and strengths will achieve a knock-out shooting performance.

The course of fire is six events, three of which are reactive steel targets shooting .22 rimfire rifles, .22 rimfire pistols and centerfire pistols at different distances. The remaining three events involve shooting clay targets thrown randomly simulating hunting scenarios.

Coming off the line Trevor commented, “Stepping up to the line with a shooting strategy in place is one thing, but as the targets rush past you, the fun factor kicks in and focusing on the target becomes a real test of discipline.” Koenig has competed in the Junior Division the past five years, and has developed his own shooting style and level of confidence.

A strong advocate in supporting the next generation of shooters, Doug said, “Watching the juniors participate with their families and friends each year reinforces what the Sportsman’s Team Challenge is all about, creating a fun-filled event that builds confidence and friendships.”

Doug Koenig’s Championship Season returned to the Pursuit Channel July 2, 2014 for its third year. Each week, Doug delivers hunting and shooting tips whether he’s stalking big game, a fair chase hunting adventure or preparing to compete at a world class level match. Doug’s success and dedication to the shooting sports is captured along with his passion as an avid hunter. Come along to share the excitement with your entire family to ensure your day afield is memorable. To learn more about Doug’s career, visit

Doug Koenig’s Championship Season can be viewed on Pursuit Channel.

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