Knives 2015 is back for its 35th edition and once again delivers the quality content and reliable, comprehensive knife index that readers have come to expect from the annual title.

This new edition of Knives 2015 packs a punch, with more than 800 brilliant color photos of handmade and artistic custom knives and the latest news and trends from the knives industry. Fans of this annual title will enjoy the completely updated reference guide to national and international custom knifemakers. The directory in Knives 2015 includes both contact and technical information for each listing, making it a one-stop shop for any collector, enthusiast or dealer looking to expand their collection or research artistic pieces.

Author Joe Kertzman puts the art of knifemaking on display throughout Knives 2015, providing readers with information on the latest knife developments, history and transformation of knives, swords and edges of all types. A dozen articles penned by the world’s best knife writers offer revealing insider views with valuable insights for collectors and hobbyists alike. Plus, renew your fascination with the delicate artistry of blades with “State of the Art,” which puts engraved, scrimshawed, jewel-inlaid, carved, etched, sculpted and forge-welded creations on display. Knives 2015 readers will walk away from the book inspired and armed with a better understanding of today’s blades, steels, styles and materials.

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Knives 2015 by Joe Kertzman, Krause Publications
ISBN-13: 978-1-4402-4073-7 Price: $32.99 Paperback: 8.25 x 10.88 312 Pages


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Image courtesy Krause Publications

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