With three top-five finishes at the Remington VersaMax Challenge Match in New Hill NC, Team Benelli once again proves its depth in the tactical shotgun category.

Jansen Jones stepped up with a 1st in the Pump Division, with Rob Romero and Ben Fortin placing 2nd and 4th respectively in Tactical Auto. James Casanova’s 6th place in Tac Auto and Janna Reeves’ 3rd spot in Tac Auto Ladies Category gave Team Benelli five top-ten finishes overall.

Jansen Jones shot his 24″ vent rib SuperNova in the pump shotgun division. “My Benelli continues to perform flawlessly with each and every shot,” said Jones. “The super smooth action of the SuperNova allowed me to shoot faster than competitors using autos on several stages at this match!”

Benelli performance also came through loud and clear in the Tac Auto division. “The reliability of my Benelli M2 once again carried me through a tough match with mixed shooting requiring Buckshot, Slugs and Birdshot” said Casanova. “The confidence we gain being able to shoot mixed power loads without needing to worry about function or damage to our guns is invaluable.”

The match was held at Woody’s Hunt Club in New Hill and is the first event in the Remington VersaMax Shotgun Challenge, a two-match tactical shotgun series. The second two-day event will take place in South Carolina at The Clinton House Plantation on November 8-9. Challenge competitors each shoot 225 rounds of birdshot, 25 rounds of buckshot and 30 slugs in 12 stages, confronting a variety of tactical environments in Open Standard pump and semi-auto formats.

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