On the ground, eye-to-eye with the game you’re after — it’s the most exhilarating hunting you’ll ever experience.  The BlackOut X300 Ground Blind puts you in that moment.

Whether your game is whitetail, elk, pronghorn, black bear, or turkey, their keen eyes demand you disappear in the woods.  Inside the X300 Ground Blind, you’ll wait, glass, and prepare to take your shot completely undetected.  Yet you must be able to see while you remain unseen.  That’s where “300” comes into its name.  This blind offers a full 300-degrees of visibility allowing you to spot game approaching from virtually any direction.

Inside a ground blind is also the safest, best way to introduce newcomers to the thrills of hunting.  At 90 inches from hub to hub and 6 feet 4 inches tall, the BlackOut X300 offers ample room for two hunters on comfortable chairs positioned side by side or front to back.  You just lean forward and whisper the first-timer right through the moment of truth.  The large door with quick release closure system makes entry and exit easy — even for mobility-impaired hunters.

The Realtree Xtra camouflage 600 D fabric blends into a multitude of backgrounds, and exterior brush straps make blending in surrounding vegetation a snap. An ample built-in ground skirt holds in scent and blocks out wind and weather.  Four guy lines and eight stakes are included to ensure stability even in strong winds.

The BlackOut Ground Blind is a do-it-all marvel at just $279.99. Prepare to enjoy the most exciting hunting you’ll ever experience. Order yours at: http://www.basspro.com/.

BlackOut 300X Ground Blind

  • 300 degrees of visibility means you’ll spot game approaching from any direction
  • Perfect choice for bow or firearms hunting
  • Realtree Xtra camouflage with brush straps blends into any environment
  • 90 inches hub to hub, 6 feet 4 inches center height
  • Large door with quick release closure system allows easier entry for mobility-impaired hunters
  • Ample room for two, even three hunters with chair placement side by side or front to back
  • Shoot-through camo mesh window panels for maximum concealment
  • Size of window openings can be customized to your preferred level of concealment
  • Ample ground skirt to hold in scent, keep out wind and weather
  • Four guy ropes and eight stakes for stability
  • Rugged 600D exterior fabric
  • MSRP: $279.99
  • Available at: http://www.basspro.com/BlackOut-X300-Ground-Blind/product/1401310941025/

Media Contact:

Tammy Sapp, tsapp@basspro.com, 417-873-5022

Image courtesy BlackOut

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