The September issue of Shooting Illustrated, on newsstands now, features the exciting new VP9, a striker-fired, polymer-frame handgun from Heckler & Koch. This new pistol from the fabled German manufacturer offers a dizzying array of grip configurations and safety features, making it customizable for all shooters and suitable for concealed carry. Four years in the making, the VP9 takes many cues from H&K’s renowned line. Find out if this newest offering lives up to the legend.

If you choose the VP9 for home defense, one accessory to consider is a weaponlight. September’s issue offers two options on how to handle shooting in the dark. One centers on using a weaponlight, which many choose to add to the accessory rail of a defensive handgun. The other supports using a hand-held flashlight and provides several tips on how to best utilize one when searching in the dark. Whether you are inclined to attach a light to your defensive arm or prefer to use a separate hand-held light, you’ll find important advice and handy tips on the best manner to employ either option. Read up on the best tips and hints for performing at your peak when the lights are off.

You might not be in the dark when hunting, but you certainly could be at the mercy of creatures much larger and more dangerous. Outdoor writer Jeff Johnston details why he carries a handgun as a defensive measure whenever he’s bowhunting or hunting with a muzzleloader. Johnston provides a handy list of his favorite “deep woods protection” handguns as well as his criteria for choosing them. He also describes his preferred method of carrying a sidearm when in predator country—whether those predators stalk on four legs or two.

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