Orion Scoring System has implemented a referral program for our new Orion at Home bundle, benefiting both new and existing customers. If an individual athlete who orders an Orion at Home bundle is a member of a club or school that uses Orion, they will receive double the initial target set at no additional charge. Additionally, his or her respective school or club will receive $30 credit towards targets.

The Orion at Home bundle, at just $298, is an affordable option for individual athletes to train from home using Orion’s electronic scoring software. The bundle includes a first year software license, a Canon P 208 Scanner, and the athlete’s choice of 250 Air Rifle Targets, 500 Air Pistol Targets, 100 25m Air Rifle Benchrest Targets, or 100 50m Air Rifle Benchrest Targets. An order through the referral program doubles the amount of targets the athlete receives at no additional charge. Clubs or schools that use Orion will receive $30 for every member that orders Orion at Home.

To take advantage of the referral program, individual athletes should notify us when ordering which Orion customer (school or club) referred them to Orion at Home.

For more information about Orion at Home, visit http://www.orionscoringsystem.com/orion/Bundle.aspx?ProductID=27.


Visit www.orionscoringsystem.com, or contact Shooter’s Technology’s offices at support@shooterstech.net, or call 703.335.7760.

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