Never afraid of controversy or trying something new, this week’s new episode of SportingDog Adventures shows the Crew embarking on a high fence goose hunt in the rolling hills of Saskatchewan.

“When the folks at MobileStrong Vehicular Storage systems asked me along to hunt in Saskatchewan, of course my first instinct was to say yes.  To date, we’ve had some great hunts there before,” says Jeff Fuller, Host and Executive Producer of SportingDog Adventures.  “This time, they informed me that a high fence goose hunt was part of the plan, and after giving it some thought, we decided to go with it.  From our view in the elk hunting enclosure, it was definitely ‘fair flight’ and both dogs and humans were still challenged and had a lot of fun.”

The episode also features dog work from a young dog still learning the ropes.  “We didn’t want to edit Castle’s performance on this hunt.  By showing Castle make mistakes and learn from them, we were able to give viewers a chance to see what it means to step up and handle a dog.  The episode turned out to be a great training tool for those looking to strengthen the performance of their own dog,” says Fuller.

Watch a teaser of this episode here:

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