Jim and Trav will focus on Elk hunting this week and their panel of hunting experts will include:  Executive Producer of Realtree Outdoors David Blanton, outdoor writer and survival expert Tim MacWelch, Tiffany Lakosky with some advice on Tiff’s Tips, Cabela’s optics manager Phil Severinson and award winning author Keith McCafferty.

David Blanton – Realtree

David Blanton is the executive producer of Realtree Outdoors and an avid elk hunter. This week he offers his advice on hunting elk aggressively if you don’t want to end up holding only a tag at the end of your hunt. He also talks about the biggest set-up mistakes beginners tend to make and two highly effective Realtree camo patterns for hunting elk across the country.

Tim MacWelch – Survival

Tim MacWelch is a survival expert and the author of “Prepare for Anything: 338 Essential Skills”.  While in the backwoods hunting elk or anything else, every hunter should know and have some basic survival skills and gear.  Tim will cover how to prepare for the most likely emergency situations you could face, and maintaining your common sense when stuck in a survival situation.

Cabela’s Optics

Phil Severinson is the optics manager at Cabela’s. Glassing is critical while elk hunting, and it can do a lot of the leg work for you so selecting the right glass is important. Phil breaks down how to choose the optics that are right for you he’ll also showcase Cabela’s Outfitter Series optics.

Keith McCafferty

Author, Field and Stream contributor and snake guru Keith McCafferty is talking snake bite prevention while in the woods.  He’ll identify the demographic of people most likely to be bitten, explain the difference in venoms and the importance of  identifying the type of snake that bites you.

Tiff’s Tips: Key to Consistency

On this week’s installment of Tiff’s Tips, Tiffany Lakosky reveals her secret to archery consistency. She’ll talk about the Archer’s Advantage program she and Lee use to adjust and fine tune their bows to be accurate and consistent out to 100 yards. Catch The Crush on Outdoor Channel 7:30 p.m. ET on Sundays. Find them at TheCrush.tv.


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