The RedHead Expedition Series Paracord Knife ensures you’ll be ready for your hunt tomorrow no matter where the trail leads you.

We plan, scout, prepare, and anticipate.  We take every possible precaution to ensure our hunting trips are everything we want them to be.  After all, the precious time we get to hunt isn’t just handed to us. Good planning makes the most of every minute.

Put a RedHead Expedition Series Paracord Knife in your pack or on your belt, and you won’t need to waste a minute worrying about whether you’re prepared to handle cutting chores sure to crop up and survival demands that might. From gutting a deer to shaving tinder to hacking out a serviceable fishing spear, the 3 ½-inch drop point fixed blade in Rc56-58 hardened stainless steel is up to the task.  Ribbed-cut grooves on the top spine provide a secure grip for any job.

The bonus of this knife is you’ll never forget to bring along that other critical survival tool – paracord.  This strong, versatile rope can do everything from drag and hang your buck to hold up your bivouac to create a makeshift belt for your pants should that need arise.  The RedHead Paracord Knife handle comes laced with 60 inches of ultra-versatile 350-pound camo Type II paracord.

This simple, efficient survival system comes in a durable sheath you can wear on your belt, stow in your backpack, or keep in the glove box of your hunting rig.  In fact, it’s a good idea to have a RedHead Paracord Knife in all those places.

At just $24.99, it’s a true bargain in preparedness for whatever tomorrow may bring.  The RedHead® Expedition Series ParaCord Knife is available for delivery to your door from and at your nearest Bass Pro Shops retail store.

RedHead Expedition Series Paracord Knife

  • Rugged, stays-sharp 3 ½-inch skinning style drop point blade
  • Blade is 4.25mm thick of 440 stainless steel; Rc56-58 hardness
  • Ribbed-cut grooves on the top spine for thumb grip
  • Handle laced with 60 inches of strong, versatile camo Type II paracord
  • Includes durable belt sheath
  • Perfect for belt, backpack and glove box
  • MSRP: $24.99
  • Available at:


Tammy Sapp,, 417-873-5022

Image courtesy RedHead

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