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Reed and J.W. bring you this episode of the podcast with first hand experience, and cover some considerations for the rare left handed shooters out there. They start with the upper receiver as it is one of the more outwardly visible lefty modifications, and the one that can be rather troubling when the brass starts to fly. Reed and J.W. explore some of the manufacturers of left handed AR accessories and base parts. Two of the industry leaders, and major players in the lefty market, are Stag Arms and Rock River Arms, and the hosts provide their thoughts on both manufacturers as well as some of the lesser players in the lefty market space.

Other options that the guys go over are having ambidextrous controls on an AR platform and alternative rifle/carbine options. Is it better to have dedicated lefty controls, or perhaps controls that a shooter can change? The Tavor, ARX, and SCAR are all explored as reasonable alternatives to the AR platform that offer changeable or lefty controls as well.

Listen to the entire episode at for the tip of the week and as always listener feedback. The hosts at the AR-15 Podcast, want to hear what you, the listener, think so be sure to tune in and let us know what you’d like to hear, what we’re doing right, and how we can improve!


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