Guncrafter Industries expands the Blackout FRAG Family to include the NEW FRAG”. Just another example of how Guncrafter Industries can mix cutting edge with old world to achieve another very cool pistol.
The addition of the squared trigger guard makes this cutting edge pistol look even cooler. The New FRAG” will include the Blackout package as well, so like the one shown it just doesn’t get any better. Many customers asked how we would improve on the FRAG only to see the Blackout, so now we did it again with the FRAG”.

The FRAG is a unique approach to John Browning’s masterpiece giving it not only a new look but a gripping surface that is amazing. The pattern reminds one of the WWI Pineapple Grenades for a truly one of a kind look. Enhancing both the overall look and functionality of the “FRAG” pattern are the matching front and back of the frame, complemented by the matching grips, where even the pattern’s radius has been figured to line up with both front and rear. Now that is attention to detail and wow what a grip it offers. The rest is all Government 1911 custom built by our small select group of Gunsmiths to be not only pleasing to the eye but so reliable that you will wonder why you waited so long to buy a Guncrafter Industries Pistol. Top off the package with a Brass Bead sight, connecting the old world and the new, with class and functionality. Take a look and you will see just how cool it is!! Available in both Government and Commander in .45ACP, 9MM, and .38 Super. Get your on order today!!

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Image courtesy Guncrafter Industries

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