Jim and Trav are headed for “The Last Frontier”. They’ll focus on Alaska’s endless hunting and fishing opportunities, ideal sporting destinations and what to expect from its  rugged terrain.  Joining them will be Pat and Nicole Reeve from Driven, plus Jason Carter with Under Armour Presents Ridge Reaper, as well as Outdoor Life’s Andrew McKean.

Brown Bear Hunting with Pat & Nicole Reeve

Pat and Nicole Reeve are the hosts of Driven with Pat and Nicole on Outdoor Channel. This week Nicole discusses her Alaskan archery brown bear hunt. Pat will join her talk about hunting brown bears in either spring or fall, which season gives you more of an advantage and where to focus your efforts in the terrain in the individual seasons.

Dall Sheep Hunting with Jason Carter

Jason Carter, host of Ridge Reaper is one of the most knowledgeable big game hunters in the industry. This week he joins Jim and Trav to talk about hunting dall sheep. He explains why it is so important to be mentally as well as physically tough when hunting Alaska. He’ll also talk about must have gear to stay dry and warm.

Caribou and Moose Hunting with Andrew McKean

Andrew McKean is the Executive Editor at Outdoor Life Magazine and a hunting junky. McKean will talk with Jim and Trav about caribou and moose, his two favorite big game animals to pursue in the last frontier. He’ll also discuss the DIY hunting opportunities Alaska offers and why every outdoorsman should experience Alaska at least once.

Fishing the Kenai

Alaska has endless fishing opportunities on thousands of different bodies of water, however this week the crew keys in on what the Kenai River has available for summer anglers. Get the skinny on the King Salmon and Sockeye runs. Also tune in for tips on fishing for halibut and the best fisheries for  rainbow trout.


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