With the rut fast approaching for much of the country, Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine is the source for all the information hunters need to take full advantage of the season. In this month’s issue, Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine calls on expert hunting writer and photographer Charles Alsheimer to share his annual predictions on what the season has to offer hunters.

In his peak rut forecast, Alsheimer offers his thoughts on days during the rut that present the best chances at taking home a bounty. Request PTO days with confidence as Alsheimer breaks down factors to determine when bucks will be most active, plus hunting tips and strategies for each phase of the whitetail breeding cycle. Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine’s exclusive guide to the rut also includes information on what suppresses rut-time buck activity and offers advice on how to overcome those obstacles when hunting.

In addition to Alsheimer’s invaluable insight into hunting the rut, Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine’s October issue also includes articles on improving shooting and tracking skills. Check out a look inside the physiology of a deer’s abdominal wound to better track tricky blood trails in future hunts. Later, the issue breaks down five shots that hunters should reconsider before taking, stressing the importance of shot placement. Plus, add “butcher” to your résumé with Tom Carpenter’s tips for expanding your venison options by cutting up your own deer.

Make the most of the rut and every other hunt this year by picking up your copy of this month’s Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, available anywhere hunting magazines are sold.


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Image courtesy Deer & Deer Hunting

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