Jim and Trav discuss pre-season prep this week.  On tap for this broadcast will be target practicing tips for archery, rifle and shotgun, how-to properly tune and clean you gear, and all the advice you’ll need to ready yourselves for this fall’s hunting seasons.  Joining them will be Bone Collector’s Travis T-Bone Turner, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky from The Crush and more!

Lee Lakosky

Making time to practice shoot often in the off season is crucial. Lee and Tiffany Lakosky talk about their practice routine that includes taking less shots total but making more perfect shots in regard to form and release.  They’ll also touch on perfecting your arrow flight and how arrow rests can have a major impact on the flight of your arrow and how doing a paper tear test to determine what is happening can save you come hunting season.

Travis T-Bone Turner

If you’re looking to buy a new bow but don’t want to break the bank, buying a pre-owned model could be the solution. Travis “T-Bone” Turner from Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector joins Jim and Trav and hands out some pointers on buying a used bow.  He’ll also talk about the 2 most important accessories a bow hunter can buy, and the importance of using the draw weight that is best for you.

Wilderness Athlete

Wilderness Athlete develops nutritional supplements designed for use by outdoor athletes. Mark Paulson talks about taking the 28 day challenge that aims to take your calorie load down, get you moving, and incorporating Wilderness Athlete products for 28 days to help establish momentum and create healthy habits.

Tiff’s Tips with Tiffany Lakosky

Tune in for Tiff’s weekly tip and then stay tuned as she and Lee talk with Jim and Trav about shooting distances and why practice shooting at longer distances has made them better and more confident shooters. They’ll also talk about why they use just one pin and depend on their optics to verify distance before shooting. Tune in to Outdoor Channel each week to see the Lakosky’s on The Crush on Sundays at 7:30.


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