This week’s AWA’s Whitetail Pro Series episode crowns the winner of the hard fought State Line Bone Mine Invitational in Missouri.  Watch as the AWA Pros battle each other, chasing elusive late season Whitetails in brutal winter conditions.  Catch all the gripping, head-to-head hunting action as the second leg of the Whitetail Pro Series concludes, a champion is named and the field is set for the AWA Championship.

AWA Whitetail Series on the Pursuit Channel airs Wed  @ 9:00 a.m. (EST), Fridays @ 1:30 p.m. and Sundays @3:30 p.m.

AWA’s Whitetail Pro Series is truly unlike anything else in the hunting world.   AWA Pros compete on the same land, at the same time, against free-range whitetails.  Utilizing digital scopes and captured images allows hunters to take multiple deer during this no-kill competition. It’s the truest test of a hunter’s skill and it allows the most consistent performer to rise to the top.  Additionally, AWA believes that competitive hunting tournaments featuring living game animals to be unethical, so the high-energy, no-kill format of AWA satisfies hunters and non-hunters alike.

AWA’s Whitetail Pro Series is presented by The Quality Deer Management Association (Presenting), ATN Corp., DeLorme, Carbon Synergy, Horny Buck Seed Company.


Gregory Sugg

Logo courtesy Pursuit Channel

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