Chris and Casey Keefer can’t get enough of being dropped in remote places with little food, little direction and only one goal: survive by hunting. They were first “dropped” in Alaska in 2011 and made television history by floating on a remote river for 28 days. Now, they are dropped again into Alaska’s backcountry in the Sportsman Channel original series – Dropped: Project Alaska 2.0 presented by Buck Knives. This version has them once again pitting their skills as hunters, woodsmen and anglers against an unforgiving landscape. Produced by Rusted Rooster Media, the original series will premiere exclusively on Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for American sportsmen and women, on Thursday, October 2 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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The Keefers’ new Alaskan adventure began by traveling 80 river miles to their extraction spot while carrying only 100 pounds of gear each in their backpacks. They had no provisions – all their gear was for catching or killing their food and then preparing it. They are once again floating downriver to land that hasn’t been hunted for more than a decade due to predation.

Dropped has proven to be a very exciting and adventure-filled program that Sportsman Channel viewers can’t get enough of,” said Graig Hale, vice president of business development for Sportsman Channel. “The Keefer brothers are entertaining, extreme adventurists who are also skilled outdoorsmen. The combination makes for a great television program.”

“The first two series of Dropped earned phenomenal coverage from both a survivor angle and hunting angle,” said Casey Keefer. “Our fans couldn’t get enough of seeing us suffer. We have to get our bodies – and minds – in serious shape before attempting these treks. It is a true test of stamina, grit and brotherly love.”

Just like in the past, they make their way through perilous and game-rich country while attempting to call in or spot and stalk caribou, moose and black bear. The brothers also get more than they bargain for with charging grizzlies.

“The grizzly encounters happen more than once and it is intense,” said Chris Keefer. “It is difficult to describe the rush of thoughts and emotions in that moment when it is just me, my brother and a cameraman literally stuck on the water in a floating raft with a sow whose only goal is to protect her family.”

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