The “Small Work Horse- Removable handles” is a classic with a new twist!

  • 1/8″ O1 tool steel.
  • OAL- 7 1/4″
  • Cutting edge- 3 1/8″
  • Single twist handle texture
  • $96.00 + Shipping & handling

This special is so awesome for many reasons.  Previously the Small Work Horse had it’s own design, different from the Large Work Horse.  We have now made it to scale just a smaller version of the Large Work Horse.  We have kept the sharp point extended where as the old model had more of a drop point.  We believe this is the most perfect hunting knife and hey….just in time for hunting season!!

The Small Work Horse was specially designed by Dan Coppins himself.  Dan is an avid deer hunter and knows just what he wants and needs from his knife come deer season, so who better to design this knife?  with this knife you can use it as either a 3 or 4 finger knife.  Dan likes to use it as a 3 finger knife, extending his index finger right down to the tip of the blade optimizing his control of that tip as to not puncture through things especially when using it inside of game where you may not be able to see what you are doing and have to rely on feeling.

The Small Work Horse also makes a great EDC, neck or hip knife.  It’s smaller size allows you to conceal it in many different ways (neck, boot , hip)

This is also a great starter knife for your children or grand children.  It’s small size makes it easier for learning to control your knife and doing small camp chores, it is also very sharp so it does the job very well with little effort.
The Small Work Horse is on sale now!!  The first 100 sold will have our “LE” (limited edition) stamp ensuring you have one of only 100 ever made.  October special price is only $96.00 + shipping & handling.

Image and video courtesy Battle Horse Knives

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