From high mountain handgunners and big bores for boar hunters, the GUNS 2015 Special Edition features a special hunting focus — trail-ready for fall hunters everywhere. The cover story spotlights the Mossberg 935 Magnum, and Special Editions editor Sammy Reese explains why this camouflaged 12-gauge is “a turkey’s worst nightmare.”

“The Mossberg 935 Magnum Turkey is built from the ground up for the turkey hunter,” Reese writes. “In the field and during range sessions the semi-auto action ran like a steam locomotive heading down the tracks, and the porting helps keep recoil down for quicker follow up shots. Unless someone steals this one, it will be the only shotgun I use for future turkey hunts.”

In “Big Bores For Big Boars,” contributor Dick Williams details the importance of hunting with a caliber that’s powerful enough to match the strength of your target.

“I’ve made solid chest hits on medium-sized boars with large caliber, expanding jacketed bullets and never found the pig,” writes Williams. “Shot placement is key, but with wild pigs you must have enough penetration to reach the vitals.”

Contributor Mark Hampton takes readers to the northern border of China in the country of Kyrgyzstan, where he, along with the help of a team of local guides, aimed to hunt wild sheep, despite freezing weather, crushing altitude and little food.

“We hunted hard every day,” writes Hampton. “The guides worked very hard and were bound and determined to find sheep. This is no cakewalk for hunter or guides. Unlike some dedicated, passionate purists seeking whitetail deer or wild turkey, or perhaps elk — sheep hunters are a different group. These hardcore hunters endure trials and tribulations many hunters simply would not tolerate.”

Other features in this Special Edition include a the history behind the .38 Special by John Taffin, a review on the “Hillbilly Scout” Cur Rifle by Richard Mann, an overview of the Trail Boss .47-70 by Roger Smith as well as an article by Robert Kolesar on how to buy and customize “the last rifle you’ll ever need,” among many other insightful features.

The Gun Giveaway inside this GUNS Special Edition, valued at $1,212.69, is headlined by the Just Right Carbines Limited Edition American Flag pattern, semi-auto rifle. Just Right Carbines also included a complementary Just Right Carbines accessories package, complete with three Glock magazines, BAS Red Dot Scope, forward folding handgrip, Tuff1 grip cover and a Just Right Carbines hat. Shooter’s Choice provided a Universal Gun Care Pack and Howard Leight supplied their Impact Sport earmuffs.

The 2015 GUNS Special Edition issue includes the all-new 2015 Buyer’s Guide. This 128-page, comprehensive catalog features hundreds of products ranging from all types of handguns and long guns, to knives, lights and lasers — making the Buyer’s Guide an invaluable resource for readers.

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Sammy Reese

Image courtesy GUNS Magazine

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