Game Vector Releases New 2015 Model For Immediate Shipment Never Worry About Lost or Wasted Game with the Game Vector Game Recovery System

Are you someone who loves the thrill of the hunt but dreads the possibility of a lost blood trail and other poor tracking conditions? The Game Vector Game Recovery System from Iron Mountain Products gives you the edge in recovering mortally wounded game with its patented electronic Receiver and Transmitter.

The Game Vector system brings technological innovation to the age-old problem of traditional tracking and recovery with its patent pending HideRider transmitter that activates through the acceleration of a bow. Upon impact, the transmitter attaches to the hide of the prey where it remains until recovered by the hunter.

The lightweight, 65 grains HideRider transmitter produces a slight and consistent arrow drop, creating minimal impact on shot placement. The Game Vector Game Recovery System also includes two weighted HideRider Practice Capsules that mimic the weight and aerodynamics of the transmitter, allowing hunters to correct for predictable drop.

Tracking is further accelerated through the Game Vector receiver that emits tones and a series of color signals indicating strength levels that lead the hunter to the downed animal. The HideRider transmitter continues to run for 48-72 hours after the arrow is shot. The transmitter is operational up to two miles away in optimal conditions and performs well in a variety of weather conditions and various landscapes including dense brush, tall grasses and timbered creek bottoms. The Game Vector receiver is powered by two AA batteries. The system is designed so one receiver can be shared by multiple hunters.

With the Game Vector Recovery System you’ll never lose your trophy again. The Game Vector Kit retails for $399.99 and includes the Game VectorReceiver, HideRider Transmitter with battery pack and retainer and two weighted HideRider Practice Capsules. Additional information and instructional videos for the Game Vector Game Recovery System can be found at Outtech Inc. is the sales representative for the Game Vector Game Recovery System.


Dennis Steinman, Game Vector

Logo courtesy Iron Mountain Products/ Game Vector

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