Episode 94 of the AR-15 Podcast revists a topic that is simply crucial to any serious shooter–reloading. This week, Josh joins J.W., Anthony, and Reed to lend his perspective as a novice who recently began reloading. The show covers the process, the methodology, and the equipment needed to begin this step in refining your marksmanship.

The hosts first recover the basics of reloading. This includes case preparation, choosing components such as bullets and powders, and finally the cartridge assembly process. They discuss some of the basic differences between multi-stage and single stage presses as well as a discussion of common materials for rounds.

Basics aside, the show centers around reloading as it relates to the modern sporting rifle. Beyond the physical process of reloading is the science of it. Things like barrel twist, bullet weight, and powder loads all come into play when reloading. What do you want the round to do, and how do you want it to behave to do it? Hand in hand with the design component of a round is determining performance based on load data. The hosts share personal experiences with published versus unpublished load data and its effect on the rounds they’ve pressed.

Listen to the entire episode at www.ar15podcast.com/094/ for the tip of the week and as always listener feedback. The hosts at the AR-15 Podcast, want to hear what you, the listener, think so be sure to tune in and let us know what you’d like to hear, what we’re doing right, and how we can improve!


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