As summer gives way to the cooler days of fall, the temperature isn’t the only thing that changes.  This week Jim and Trav will be discussing fall fish behavior with guests pro angler Gary Klein, catfishing guide CatDaddy and Chance Orth. They’ll also hear from Project Healing Waters’ David Folkerts.  Tune in to find out where you should concentrate your fishing efforts and what tactics you should apply for killer hookups during this fall’s fish frenzy!

Gary Klein – Pro Angler

Pro angler Gary Klein joins the boys this week to talk fall fishing. Klein says now is a great time to be out because summer traffic is off the water, water temperatures are cooling and you can find the fish grouped up, and the shad migration can cause a fishing frenzy. He’ll also discuss using top water crankbaits, electronics and fishing the clear water of  man made reservoirs. See more of  fishing pro Gary Klein on Jack Link’s Major League Fishing  and The Bassmasters on Outdoor Channel.

Project Healing Waters

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is an organization committed to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing.  David Folkerts, the Chief Operations Officer at  Project Healing Waters and a retired US Army captain, talks about his injury in Iraq that ultimately introduced him to Project Healing Waters and how the organization and fly fishing are helping others who are wounded as well.


Resident catfishing expert CatDaddy Shumway joins the boys this week to talk about what to throw at the catfish as the water cools. CatDaddy also discusses the challenges that readily available bait fish can cause, making it tough to get a bite and why you should change up the bait you are throwing.

Chance Orth

Chance Orth the Unprofessional Fisherman says go as shallow as you can go! Fall fishing in Wisconsin means rapidly cooling temperatures that are perfect for bass fishing and the shad are starting to migrate. Chance says follow the bait fish and go as shallow as you can go! Tune in for more this week!


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