City Roots to Hunting Boots blogger Kristen Schmitt spent the last year immersing herself in the world of archery and hunting and now she wants to inspire other women to do the same. Her new DVD, Beginner’s Guide to Archery: For Women, features instructional segments on archery lessons, finding a bow that fits your body, practicing and the locavore movement, all developed specifically with women in mind. The DVD is available for pre-order now at

Beginner’s Guide to Archery: For Women, Schmitt’s brand new DVD, is an extension of her Deer & Deer Hunting Blog chronicling her transition from Detroit to the Green Mountains in Vermont and includes the lessons learned from her personal journey from career woman to huntress. The content guides viewers through every aspect of getting started in hunting, starting with acquiring a bow and ending with a fresh, sustainable meal from a successful hunt. For anyone considering taking up hunting as a sport or food source, Beginner’s Guide to Archery: For Women is a starting point offering the tools needed to get on the right track.

Viewers will follow Schmitt as she visits a local hunting shop to witness the process of building a bow and then learn the importance of having a custom-fitted bow. Watch as she experiences her first archery lesson and continues practicing at home. Beginner’s Guide to Archery covers equipment, scent control, gear to consider purchasing for tree stands and more, everything a first-time hunter would need to get started and feel empowered and confident in the field. Plus, as a masters of science in sustainable food systems candidate, Schmitt also shares her unique perspective on the rise of locavore culture and why wild, local food is beneficial for the health of everyone.

Pre-order a copy of Beginner’s Guide to Archery: For Women at to kick start your archery training and discover why hunting will improve your quality of life. To learn more about Schmitt and her journey to hunting, check out her blog at


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