Responding to the growing popularity of popping and jigging lipless crankbaits for multiple species, Rapala has developed the new Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap.

“Traditionally, big rattling baits have called in fish really well, but sometimes they won’t commit,” says Rapala pro-staffer Joel Nelson, a regular on “In-Depth Outdoors” TV on the Fox Sports North Channel. “When it comes to getting fish to close, the Ultra Light size makes it doable for everything from Perch and Crappies to Walleyes. Just about anything that swims will eat it, that’s the cool part.”

Featuring flat, skinny sides and a deep-belly profile designed to dive and rip, the Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap flutters on the drop with a hard-vibrating action accented by a loud, distinctive BB rattle system. Textured scales and gills with deep-set 3D holographic eyes seal the deal.

A great multispecies bait, the Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap measures 1-1/2 inches, weighs 3/16 of an ounce and comes with No. 10 and 12 fast-piercing VMC Black Nickel Round-bend Hooks.

“For a Walleye, this size is perfect — they can inhale it completely, so your hook-ups are a lot better,” Nelson explains. “The fish don’t nip at the back of it; they take the whole thing in their mouth.”

Slab Crappies eat it, too.

“That size doesn’t intimidate them at all,” Nelson says. “In fact, some of the biggest Crappies we caught last year were on those Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps. We were getting 2-pound Crappies that had the thing wedged in the back of their throat.”

Nelson generally starts his day with a larger Rippin’ Rap tied on, but will switch quickly to an Ultra Light if he’s getting bumps or short-strikes, but the fish aren’t committing. “That’s a sure sign that it’s time to downsize to a smaller offering,” he explains. “That’s my cue to tie on an Ultra Light.”

Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps come in 10 fish-attracting colors: Chrome, Chrome Blue, Firetiger, Gold Chrome, Green Tiger UV, Glow Yellow Perch, Helsinki Shad, Orange Tiger UV, Pearl Grey Shiner and Pink Tiger UV.

Suggested retail price: $6.99


Bob Ringer
(612) 375-8548

Image courtesy Rapala

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