In pre-dawn darkness, Curt Wells, host of Sportsman Channel’s Bowhunter TV, returns to his treestand with a bow in hand in Kansas. The task at hand: harvesting a behemoth buck in a location he has had great success in the past — and hoping to avoid a buck he’s been monitoring for two years. Timing is everything if Wells hopes to make a “Kansas Comeback” on Bowhunter TV, exclusively on Sportsman Channel, Friday, October 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Wells is accustomed to early morning hunts, so he sets out well before the sun rises to hunt for what will – hopefully – be the biggest buck he’s ever taken. Instead, a deer he scouted back in 2012 makes an appearance. Thankfully, it’s out of bow range. Wells is determined to resist any temptation to take the large, but young, buck called “Baby Booner” and focuses on hunting for one of several other bucks known to be in the area.

“You couldn’t have scripted this hunt any better,” said Wells. “We ran into an old acquaintance but ended up getting an opportunity at one of the biggest bucks I’ve ever had within bow range, thanks to my two deer decoys. I love hunting Kansas and can’t wait to get back to one of my favorite places to hunt whitetails.”

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