Former Navy SEAL Jim Kauber joins hosts for pistol drills

In an emergency situation, knowing how to handle a firearm is a vital skill. In this week’s Handguns & Defensive Weapons on Sportsman Channel, host Richard Nance shows viewers pistol malfunction drills to stay in the fight and challenges his counterpart James Tarr to a precision pistol competition. Former Navy SEAL Jim Kauber drops in for pistol drills focusing on the fundamentals and overcoming distractions. Sportsman Channel’s Handguns & Defensive Weapons airs Monday, October 20 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

In a critical situation, being unprepared is not an option. Nance demonstrates a “tap, rack and assess” procedure that can remedy most pistol malfunctions. He then demonstrates how to clear the dreaded double feed. Former Navy SEAL Jim Kauber shakes things up when he challenges the hosts to hit their targets in a deliberately distracting set of pistol drills. And the episode isn’t complete without Nance and Tarr engaging in a competition to see whose shooting skills reign supreme.

“When preparing to defend yourself and family with a firearm, you have to train for the worst case scenario,” said Nance. “Even the best gun can malfunction. When it does, there’s no time for contemplation. Clearing the malfunction has to be second nature. Only by incorporating these clearance drills into your training will you truly be prepared.”

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