Realtree is proud to announce that “The 15-Yard Files” webisode, featured on, has shattered the million view mark in just a year. “The 15-Yard Files” was created through a partnership between and Cally Morris, owner of Hazel Creek Taxidermy and host of “Bringin’ It Home with Hazel Creek” video series.  As of Oct. 15, 2014, total views topped 1,301,306, with the latest daily views averaging 13,001.

“That’s a first for a Realtree webisode, and pretty impressive any way you shake it for a Youtube series with fewer than 20 videos,” Editor Will Brantley said. “Although ‘The 15-Yard Files’ is a modern, digital-only show, it has that raw, ‘old school’ feel of the hunting videos I grew up watching. The editing is clean and simple, but the hunting footage is second to none. When you’re consistently shooting free-range critters with a bow inside 10 yards and getting it on video … well, you know what you’re doing. Best of all, Cally breaks down every hunt and talks about the details of what made it successful—or not. When you watch an episode of “The 15-Yard Files”, you’ll probably learn something. I think that service element, above all, is why online shows are becoming such a big player in the hunting video business. Well that, and you can watch them while you’re at work.”

As the name suggests, the show is all about getting close to big-game animals and closing the deal. Morris specializes at capturing remarkable over-the-shoulder hunting footage at extremely close range and showcases the best of this footage on “The 15-Yard Files.”

“Getting close to the game with a camera takes it to a new level for the viewer,” Morris said. “The up-close footage puts the viewer right there in the middle of the hunt and makes our videos truly stand out.”

Morris says in order to capture the unbelievable footage that has made “The 15-Yard Files” so popular, everything must be perfect. The distance from the cameraman — to the hunter — to the animal has to be just right for the film to look good. After years of filming, Morris can look at the lay of the land and the setup and instantly know if it’s going to work well on video or not. If it doesn’t, he’ll continue searching until he finds the ideal location.

Morris consistently gives the viewers what they want and says the upcoming shows will continue to deliver.

“The turkey show is always awesome,” Morris said, “and this spring’s show will be no different. It’ll showcase a mix of bow and gun hunting from all across the country. Plus it includes the largest turkey we’ve ever killed on film. You’ll get to watch hunts for easterns, Rios, Merriam’s and Osceolas. We even have one film featuring more than 30 strutters. It’s gonna be a great lineup. Next fall’s show is already set up to be awesome as well thanks to a truly amazing 2014 elk camp. We knocked down a lot of big bulls, including a 404-inch true monster — a once-in-a-lifetime 8×9 pig.  We are now underway filming whitetail in Missouri. I’m optimistic about the footage we’ll get for next fall’s episode.”

So check out “The 15-Yard Files” and find out why everyone is tuning in.

Image courtesy Realtree

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