Registration for the most exciting season of Weekend Bass Series will begin for priority members on October 20, 2014 at 8am. The series offers a boater/co-angler exciting competition and the top anglers from each division will advance to the no-entry fee Ray Scott Championship.

A few weeks ago exciting changes where announced for the 2015 season, some of the changes include:

Increased and guaranteed payouts at divisional events. Weekend Bass Series will offer guaranteed first place money of $3,000.00 for 50 boats or more, $4,000.00 for 75 boats or more and $5,000.00 for 100 boats or more.  Co-anglers will also get the same guarantee first place money of $1,500.00 on 50 boats or more; $2,000.00 on 75 or more; and $2,500.00 on 100 boats or more.  In addition, 20% of the field will receive a check in each event.

No More Linking! Registrations will be based on Package first, then the anglers date and time of registration to determine their status.

No Boat on Boat Draws

Package Registration: A package registration is when anglers sign up for all 5 events within a division. Boaters and Co-Anglers submitting a package registration will be given priority slots in events over anglers signing up for single events.

Make qualifying for the championship easier and less expensive! 

10 boaters and 10 co-anglers from each division will now qualify directly from their division in one of 2 ways.
The top 5 (Boaters and Co-anglers) by points after the Divisional two-day event, in each division, will advance directly to the Championship.
The top 5 (Boaters and Co-anglers) by place of finish from the Divisional Championship who have fished all 5 divisional events will also advance directly to the championship.  If any angler does not accept or is already qualified for the slot(s) by points the next highest finishing and qualified angler will receive the Championship slot(s).

No More A-Rig. Starting in 2015 ABA will prohibit the use of the Alabama Rig/Umbrella on all Weekend Bass Series events.

Priority Anglers can start registering Monday October 20 at 8am

• Triton Boat Owners
• ABA Life Members and
• 2014 season competitors

Open Registration Begins Monday October 27th at 8am

Special Savings: ABA members can register online at and there are no additional handling charges. For limited time (30 days) ABA members that register for a package registration (A package entry is when an angler signs up for all 5 events in a division) will receive

• Free Freedom Pass ($25 savings)
• Free one-year ABA membership ($25 savings)

To register online go to select the Weekend Bass Series 2015 Schedules link, select the register link to the right of the event you wish to register for. To register for all events within a division known as a package registration, select the 2015 Schedules link, select the register link to the right of the first event in the division you wish to register for. In the registration of this event you can select “Yes or No” on the Package option which will register you for all events within that division. You may also register by phone by calling (256)232-0406.

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