Dakota Grills, the leaders in electric grilling and smoking technology, recently announced their continued support of Fishing the Midwest television and Fishing the Midwest’s related marketing efforts.  Dakota Grills will be featured on Fishing the Midwest television in 2015.  Adam Sorenson, one of the founders and creators of Dakota Grills recently commented, “We’ve been working with Fishing the Midwest for four(4) years now, and have seen an increased awareness of Dakota Grills at  fairs, home shows, sports shows, and many of the other events where Dakota Grills are on display.  We attribute much of this increased awareness to our appearances on Fishing the Midwest television.”  He continued, “Dakota Grills are perfect for all those folks who enjoy outdoor activities, but they’re also ideal for anyone with an active life-style.  With Dakota Grills, you set the temperature of the grill and how done you would like your fish or meat and then walk away.  Your Dakota Grill does the rest: It grills or smokes as specified, and then holds when done, without overcooking or drying things out.    Your meal is always cooked perfectly, and always on your schedule.”

Fishing the Midwest’s Bob Jensen had this to say about Dakota Grills.  “I was at a sport show a few years ago and walked by this display of Dakota Grills. The folks in the display area offered me a sample of something they we’re grilling, and of course I accepted.  I was immediately impressed with the flavor: It was delicious!  Then I realized they were grilling inside, but there was no smoke.  I knew right away I wanted a Dakota Grill.  The Sorenson’s and I agreed that we needed to let Fishing the Midwest viewers know about the advantages of using Dakota Grills for their grilling and smoking needs, and we’ve been doing that now for the past four(4) years.  Dakota Grills are of the highest quality, they’re easy to use, they don’t get hot on the outside so they’re safe, and best of all, they produce an outstanding product, whether you’re grilling beef, pork, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit or appetizers.”

To see videos of Dakota Grills in action, or to learn more about Dakota Grills and where they’re available, go to dakotagrills.com, call 605-847-4713, or e-mail info@dakotagrills.com

Image courtesy Fishing the Midwest

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